Day Pony Trekking and Hiking at Malealea Lodge, Lesotho


Top of Pitseng Gorge: easy 2 hours, overlook the Gorge

Pitseng Gorge Loop: moderate 2-3 hours, explore the Gorge and rockpools ( Hike Only)

Botsoela Waterfalls – moderate 4 hours, see waterfall

Bushman Paintings – moderate with steep hiking, 3 hours, see ancient cave paintings

Botsoela Waterfalls & Bushman Paintings – moderate-to-difficult with steep hiking, 5-7 hours, see waterfalls and ancient cave paintings

Griffiths Day Trek – moderate, 6 hours, see beautiful, varied scenery

Gates of Paradise Hike (All day and difficult)

3 Peaks, Mafukufu Hike (All day and difficult)