The Botsoela Waterfall Hike or Pony Trek: (4 hours from Lodge return including a swim).

The first 30 minutes is flat along the top of the valley. Pass the Handicraft Centre, pass Makhetheng Primary School on the right and about 300m further on, take the left fork to the village of Malealea, (see map) overlooking the Botsoela river. The next 15 minutes is a descent down to the stream. Head north, and follow upstream for about 45 minutes along a path next to the stream at the bottom of the valley with some boulder hopping every now and then to criss cross the stream. 

The horses then take an adventurous path up the mountain which is very narrow in places and it is recommended you get off the horse at this point, but the guides will stop and let you know when is the right time to get off. 

At the top of the Waterfall you will get off the horse and taken on a 15 minute guided hike down to the Waterfall.

Those who are feeling hot and adventurous can go for a dip under the waterfall. There is a nice picnic area at the waterfall where you can eat lunch. (Lunch packs can be ordered at the lodge, preferably the day before the hike. It's best to order the lunch packs in the evening after arrival). 

Caution: Beware of wet & slippery rocks. 

After you get back on the horse at the top, the route does a loop around the waterfall so you can view it from the top and then you go down a fairly steep path to join the river again. Here you follow the same route back to the lodge.