The Bushman Painting Pony Trek - 3 hrs return.

Follow the road down to the Handicraft Centre, turn right into the fields and follow the path to the village of Molefe. From here drop down into the gorge and follow top of the gorge to where the path descends to the Echo Cave.  (Test out the Echo cave for amazing echos!) Continue along the path for about 100m, then descend down to the San paintings on the left.

From Malealea Lodge it takes about an hour to a point where you have to get off the horse. At this point the Pony Trek guide will take care of the horses and you will be guided to the Bushman Paintings by a guide from the local village. The paintings are  extremely hard to find on your own, as well as dangerous if you don't stick to the path. There are three caves, two are relatively easy to get to but the third cave is quite a scramble and only if you consider yourself fit and agile, should you attempt this with your guide. This hiking excursion takes about an hour to return to the horses, where you will saddle up and ride back to the lodge.