No pony treks are flat in Lesotho, but if you are a beginner or just want a beautiful scenic trek,  and you think you can sit for two hours on a horse, this is the trek for you. You will go out the gates of Malealea Lodge and go past some shops and houses on the main road you came in on. You will leave this road quite soon and climb a small hill, heading off towards the Pitseng Gorge. The horses can not go down into the gorge so this trek traverses around the edges of the Pitseng Gorge, with some impressive views of the river and sandstone formations below. In the distance you will see the Thaba Putsoa Mountain Range and when you get to a point overlooking the Makhaleng River Valley the route turns sharply and you trek through some more Basotho Villages and make your way back up to Malealea Lodge.