Getting To Malealea Lodge By Public Transport

From Bloemfontein
The safest way to get to Malealea by bus is to catch the Translux, Greyhound or Intercape to Bloemfontein. Check timetables with the bus companies. You will need to catch a taxi from the Bloemfontein tourist office where the bus drops you off to the Bloemfontein Central Bus Station.  From there you can catch a minibus/Interstate bus to Maseru.
Minibuses leave all day long from Bloemfontein but be prepared to wait while the minibus fills up before you leave. 

Avoiding Maseru 

To avoid Maseru, take a minibus from Bloemfontein Central Bus Station to Wepener Taxi Rank.  From Wepener Taxi Rank, take a minibus/taxi to Van Rooyens Hek Border post.  Make sure your passport is stamped at both, the SA border post and the Lesotho border. Take a minibus on the other side of the Lesotho border to Mafeteng/Maseru.  Ask the local people where you should get off to change minibusses to catch the one going to Malealea.  They are very friendly and helpful.  Make sure you do get off at Motsekua junction (26kms north of Mafeteng) in order to catch the minibus taxi

Accommodation in Bloemfontein

Should you need to overnight in Bloemfontein, we highly recommend  Aloe Guest Rooms

Tel/whatsapp:  +27 76 830 9679


From Maseru
After crossing both the South African and Lesotho border and getting your passport stamped on both sides, you will need to catch a taxi (the cars with a yellow stripe in the middle – usually called a 4 plus 1) from the Lesotho border to the Maseru taxi rank.  At the taxi rank, you can ask the local people for directions to the taxi rank for mini-buses that go to Malealea in the direction of Mafeteng. There are direct minibuses that go to Malealea but if none are available, then take the first minibus that goes past Motsekoua (which is about 50km south of Maseru and 26km north of Mafeteng).  Get off that minibus at Motsekoua and wait for the next Malealea minibus - the local people will help you with this - just ask. 

Accommodation in Maseru


Tel:  +266 28320707


Public Transport from Kokstad to Malealea

There are plenty of taxis that travel between Kokstad to Matatiele to Qacha's Nek. You can also use this route if you are coming from Durban. There is an Interstate Bus service who run a daily bus service (except Sundays) leaving Pietermaritzburg station at 6.15 am and arriving at Matatiele at about 12.30 pm.  It leaves Matatiele at 12.45 pm and arrives at Kokstad at 1.15 pm and returns to Pietermaritzburg at about 6 pm.  It takes a full day from Qacha's Nek to Malealea.  There are many taxis that go to Quthing from Qacha's Nek and from Quthing there are many taxis that go to Maseru.  You need to get off the taxi at Motsekuoa junction (26kms after Mafeteng).  Malealea is 33 kms from Motsekuoa and there are taxis that you can get from Motsekuoa to Malealea. If you arrive at Motsekuoa after dark, it's best to overnight at Morija Guest house - (10kms North of  Motsekuoa). 

Accommodation at Qacha's Nek:

Anna's B&B and Guest House - Tel: +266 22950374, Email:  annasb&

Public Transport from Malealea/SaniPass/Jhb/ Durban (written by a traveller on 19 July, 2016)

Mini bus from Malealea to Maseru - Maseru to Butha-Buthe - Then Butha Buthe to Mokhotlong - then Mokhotlong to Sani 

Private Transfers
From Bloemfontein
Bush Junkies Safaris
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From Maseru
Bakubung Shuttle Tours 

Contact: David Tlali

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