Climate and Rainfall

Climate and Rainfall

In general, Lesotho enjoys relatively low humidity, and very clean air. Each season has its own unique beauty. 


February is a good time to see Red-hot Pokers and flowering Aloes

March/April you can see fields of cosmos

September – the countryside is dotted pink with peach blossoms

What to pack

Come prepared for any weather at all times of the year.  Always bring long trousers, a warm fleece, rain gear, sunscreen and a hat.  It gets very cold during winter from about 4.30pm to 9am with temperatures dropping below zero, so extra warm gear will be needed such as thermal underwear, gloves, warm hats and scarves. The days are usually warmer and you can walk around in t-shirts and shorts for some of the day.

November to April (Summer)

The countryside starts becoming green after the first rains usually in October/November. Summers can be hot with short, intermittent thundershowers and hail storms with lightning.  Most of the rainfall comes in the seven-month summer season from November to April.

May - October (Winter)

Winters are generally dry with bright, sunny and crisp clear skies.  The early mornings are very cold until about 9am. During the day the temperatures are moderate to warm with sudden cold temperatures just after about 4:30pm. Minimum temperatures of around 0°C are common in June, the coldest month. Snowfalls often occur either at the beginning or the end of the winter season. When it does snow on the ground at Malealea, it’s usually not very thick and melts the next day as soon as the sun comes up. The Thaba Putsoa mountain range in the distance usually stays covered in snow  for longer, resulting in spectacular views.