Cultural Excursions

The adventurous visitors who make it this far up into our mountains bring their backpacks, their curiosity, and their good intentions with them. There are mountains to explore, but there is also a culture to discover. We have partnered with the Malealea Development Trust to develop informative tours that will expose you to our way of life in a responsible manner.

1.  Cultural Village Tour: Visitors are shown around the village.  Options range from 1 hr to 3 hrs.  (Optional extras on the Village tour are Beer Tasting, Talk with a Chief and a visit to the museum).  Read More here

2.  Museum in a Traditional Hut and Lesotho Herbs & Plants are being planted. David Mokala has the knowledge of the plants and past traditions. 

3.  Village Home Stay: An option for 2-4 people is offered for a traditional overnight Basotho home stay not far from Malealea lodge. bring food to share with the family or arrange for them to cook a simple meal. (Email  for more information).

4.  Soil Erosion - Reclaimed Washout: About 26 years ago, this area was a 3 metre deep donga and has been reclaimed single handedly by Mr. Fanuel Musi. In the beginning he used only a leather apron to cart rocks for his dams. He now has vegetable gardens, reeds, birds and lush vegetation, which was once a soil-eroded dried out donga. Springs have started flowing in that area, where there never were springs before. This dedication and hard work is a most remarkable achievement for Fanuel Musi. An extremely good example to the rest of the country to help soil erosion. He died of Parkinson’s disease, but his grandson & wife are continuing the work.

5.  Sangoma Appointment:  Please book in the morning - R100.00 pp We do have a Sangoma - Herbalist in the village. This is for people who are genuinely interested in finding out about Traditional Healers. The Bones are thrown and the Sangoma discusses health, travel and well-being of the visitor. You have to ask the questions that you are interested in e.g. health, travel, family etc. You have to read between the lines and the answers are often symbolic. Most of the time only the genuinely interested people will get a good response. Other Visitors can be disappointed, but it is up to you to ask as many questions as possible. If you are not happy with his consultation - please tell David.

6. Basotho Choir & Band:  The Choir & Band put a hat down and are paid separately.  Suggested donations are R30.00 pp for the choir and R20.00 pp for the band. A local Basotho Band using Homemade instruments entertain the visitors. The groups are welcome to dance with the band and this always creates good interaction and fun. One of the bands has played at WOMAD music festival in the UK and Australia.