Policies, Terms & conditions





No electric hairdryers, flat irons, kettles, toasters, heaters, irons and other heating appliances are allowed to be used.

Please switch off all lights when not in use.Some outside lights cannot be switched off. 

Try to charge your devices during the day as much as possible

Neither Malealea Lodge (Proprietor: Malealea Trading (Pty) Ltd.) nor any or all of the Community, villages or other persons acting for, through or on behalf of the above, shall be responsible for any death, injury or illness sustained or suffered by a person, or for any loss or damage to any property occurring within or arising from a visit to Malealea Lodge or participation in all activities or surroundings however caused, & whether allegedly due to the negligence or otherwise of the members, employees, agents or helpers of Malealea  Lodge or arising from the use of any of the facilities supplied or from any alleged defect in any equipment, services or conveyance supplied or made available from any liquid or foodstuff supplied, or arising in any other manner and from any other cause whatsoever.

Terms & Conditions as well as our Cancellation Policy are deemed as being accepted on receipt of deposit.