Malealea Lodge, Lesotho offers "Lesotho in a Nutshell"

Hiking, Basotho Culture, Pony Trekking and Mountain Biking in Lesotho


"Wayfarer Pause: and behold a Gateway of Paradise"
You won’t hear traffic here, you will hear singing. You will hear birds who wake early and crickets who stay up late.
On the trail, you will hear the clanging of bells fastened to the necks of grazing sheep, the steady trickle of valley creeks, the clip-clop of your pony’s hooves underfoot.
You will see vast and endless rolling hills, aloe plants as tall as you, growing out of the dry ground, the russet glow that shines over the mountains as the sun slips behind them,
and a people who have known laughter as well as they know struggle.
You will taste the richness of authentic Basotho cuisine and smell the sweet, smoky bonfires that burn each night
Stay with us, and discover all that we have to offer. And soon you will feel the magic.


Malealea Lodge offers “Lesotho in a Nutshell” where you get to experience the “Real Africa”.
There is a wide variety of accommodation available from camping to en-suite rondavels.
For the more adventurous, you can explore Lesotho’s magnificent mountains, valleys, waterfalls and Bushman paintings on spectacular hiking, pony trekking and mountain biking trails to suit every level of fitness.
There is plenty of cultural interaction with the local village where you can go on guided village walks.
Various Basotho Children's choirs and a Local Basotho Band, using their home-made instruments, entertain the guests in the evenings. 

Our community is our priority and we want you to discover it. Our activities will allow you to ethically explore all of the natural beauty that surrounds us while exposing you to our way of life. 

The Malealea Development Trust builds our community every day and is headquartered on our premises. Find out more about their work and how you can support it by clicking here.